Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hot Amateur Videos!

I've been inspired by my friend Steve Purcell's recent blog series "High School Confidential" which feature some of his sweetly naive, yet strangely charming early artwork, to post some of my high school / college films and videos. It's a little embarrassing how technically amateurish some of these projects are, but perhaps slightly more embarrassing, how much more creative some of them are than the projects I'm doing now.

While most kids in Michigan where spending their 18th birthday buy cigarettes, going to Canadian strip clubs, and voting republican I spent my 18th shooting this film at and amazing local Michigan film workshop called Focal Point. Every student had one week to write, direct, and edit a short film and debut it to friends and family on the last day of the workshop. My good friends Justin Allen and Matt Cantu helped me bring to life this moving love story about an insane woodsmen and his love for a free spirited young man/woman.

"Die Fingen in Meinen Apfelsope"
a film by Dan Scanlon and Justin Allen

* Update!

Wow, so this film was actually taken down by UMG for having the song "Falling in Love Again" as sung by writer William S. Burroughs . I'm actually kind of shocked, last I checked kids were cutting all sorts of crappy videos to unlicensed pop music on youtube, I thought that's what it was for. Oh well, I guess Will's drunken German version of this nearly 70 year old song is pretty popular stuff.

Hope you saw it when it was posted.


krusty said...

wonder what ever happened to that kid eating the apple sauce.

he's clearly the most talented one.

Caveat Production said...

He's the son of the president of DAFT at the time. I think he became pretty involved with the workshops as a teenager himself. I may have actually been reintroduced to him two years ago at the Cars party in Michigan. I hope he hasn't changed too much, because I want to do some re-shoots on this film.

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