Saturday, September 13, 2008

It’s a Good Day to be Legally Alive

This morning I got a call from a real-estate agent letting me know that I was legal dead.

He had been checking my credit report earlier in the day in order to make sure I would make a respectable tenant for his client’s condo and in doing so discovered that, based on my social security number, I was in fact legally dead and therefore not a good tenant for his client's condo, though I beg to differ, as I am legally worth more dead than alive. Regardless the whole thing made me feel a bit uncomfortable to say the least, until my wife asked her sister, who is also a real estate agent, to run another credit check on me, and after being dead for over three hours I was relieved to find that the mistake was on their end, and that I am in fact still, technically alive!

Viva La Life!

Here’s an unrelated picture of a white trash guy with a beer, just to remind us that life is still legally worth living!


Anonymous said...

I told the credit report people that I legally murdered you. I thought it would help me get a loan.

Forgot to tell you, sorry.

Caveat Production said...

I legally came back from the dead and legally ate your brains, so now your legally a blood sucking zombie.

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