Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Top Three Addictions

What are your top three biggest addictions?

What are the three things you couldn't go on living another day without? Here are mine starting with my biggest addiction to my lesser addiction.

Number one.....


I love Chocolate! If I could I eat it all day long I would! I'm a REAL chocoholic. NO KIDDING!

Number two.....


I love Tivo! Not as much as I love Chocolate, but man I love Tivo. I have so many shows waiting for me to watch! I'm like a TV junkie and Tivo is my dealer. LOL!

Number three.....


Otherwise known as "Hillbilly Heroine". Mmmmm, it's good! I know what you're thinking, "Wait a minute, why is this number 3 on the list when it is one of the most addictive, habit forming drugs in the world?" Well, though it is a very addictive drug, the truth is I simply don't like it as much as I like chocolate and Tivo. Case in point, I use Oxycontin maybe six times in a week, but I eat a chocolate bar EVERYDAY! Sometimes TWICE!!!! And I don't even want to tell you how many hours of Tivo I watch in a day, it's just too embarrassing. Honestly, the chocolate thing is a WAY bigger problem for me. If I had to pull my teeth out in order to get chocolate I would, though it wouldn't be hard or painful for me to do thanks to the crystal methamphetamine I use casually on the weekends or at parties (number 6 on my addiction list, after unprotected sex with prostitutes and the wire season 3 on DVD!). My teeth slide out like seeds from a watermelon, (or should I say nuts from a snickers bar, mmmmmm chocolate!) regardless I'd still do whatever I had to in order to get chocolate and that is way further than I'd ever go for any drug.

So whether it's scramble on face book (my number 7 ) or drinking shampoo to get drunk (number 18), just remember it's all relative, and it's all about moderation.

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