Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tracy Knapp Knitted

My wife Michele commissioned Jess Hutch, and amazing artist and toy maker, to knit this unbelievably cool Tracy doll for my 30th birthday! She did an incredible job stylizing Tracy's design into something that fits her style and yet still captures that 70's feel. I love the doll so much I'm going to put it in the film and possibly include it in the poster. For more of Jess's insanely appealing knitted figures go to http://www.jesshutch.com"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Tracy Music in the Works

Alex Mandel has started work on the soundtrack for "Tracy"! For years Alex wrote and performed music for his band" The Fingers" as well as his new band "Echo Falls". He has already written several amazing rough demos for a bunch of the films key moments including the theme to Tracy's 1970's kid show, "The Imagination Train Station". We are so lucky to have gotten Alex to work on this film!

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