Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2006 Shooting Finished

Last Saturday night we wrapped up shooting for 2006 after nearly five consecutive weekend shoots. A lot of really great stuff came out of that push, a lot of which were simple re - shoots that are going to make the film much better. The plan now is to take the holidays to rest and schedule the next big push at the start of 2007 with the hope of finally finishing principle photography a few months into the year. We're getting there.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Brent Weinbach

I'm very happy to report that local San Francisco comedian Brent Weinbach, just completed shooting a small, but brilliant, cameo for "Tracy"! I first saw Brent perform over a year ago, and have since made a point to see him every chance I get. I'm generally not a fan of stand up comedy but Brent's absurd story telling, ridiculous characters, and physical humor have me cry laughing everytime. We are all so excited that Brent agreed to be a part of this film. If you live in the bay area keep an eye out for Brent who performs regularly around town, and if you don't check out Brent's website, as he is about to depart on a tour of the northwest.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tracy Knapp Knitted

My wife Michele commissioned Jess Hutch, and amazing artist and toy maker, to knit this unbelievably cool Tracy doll for my 30th birthday! She did an incredible job stylizing Tracy's design into something that fits her style and yet still captures that 70's feel. I love the doll so much I'm going to put it in the film and possibly include it in the poster. For more of Jess's insanely appealing knitted figures go to http://www.jesshutch.com"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Tracy Music in the Works

Alex Mandel has started work on the soundtrack for "Tracy"! For years Alex wrote and performed music for his band" The Fingers" as well as his new band "Echo Falls". He has already written several amazing rough demos for a bunch of the films key moments including the theme to Tracy's 1970's kid show, "The Imagination Train Station". We are so lucky to have gotten Alex to work on this film!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Unmentionables Comic at Comic Con

We just got back from Comic Con! 100,000 comic book collectors gathered in one convention center, during five days of record breaking San Diego summer heat, you should have been there!

This was our first Comic Con and our first time putting the Unmentionables comic up for sale. We shared a booth with our good friend Steve Purcell, creator of the comic book, game, and TV show, Sam and Max Freelance Police. Steve was selling a new sketch book called "The Age of S & M" featuring never before published Sam and Max sketches. He was also promoting the long await new episodic Sam and Max online game being developed by Tell Tale Games. ( Steve Purcell bellow drawing a picture for a fan)

The convention is so enormous and over stimulating, with it's many exhibitors barking for your attention, fat guys dressed in skin tight Jedi robes, and giant screen TV's showing ultra violent anime rape porn or whatever the kids like these days, it's amazing we were able to get anyone's attention with our naive lemonade stand, but everyone we talked to really seemed to love the comic!

It's so hard when you're working on something for months or years and you start thinking, why am I doing this again? But when you get a chance to show your work at a place like this and get such a positve response, well it just gets you all pumped up to blow another irresponsible amount of money on the next creative whim.

New Tracy Logo!

"Tracy" is a live action film that my friend Brian Fee and I have been working on for the last three years. It's a mocumentary about the life and untimely death of a children’s show host from the 1970’s.

We'd had a logo for a few years, but recently decided that it didn't fit the film's story. Brian's wife Elisabeth ( a graphic designer ) saw this version of the title being used elsewhere in the film and suggested we use it for the logo. I'm so glad she did, I think this one captures that 70's, School House Rock, Great Space Coaster look we've been shooting for.

Tracy is the first feature film Caveat Productions has produced. The film was co-produced with Happy Birthday Productions and should hopefully be finished in the next twenty five years.

Caveat Productions is...

Dan Scanlon

Dan Scanlon graduated with a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1998. He has worked professionally as a story artist for the last eight years. He is currently in production on the live action film “Tracy”, a mocumentary that he wrote and directed about the life and untimely death of a children's show host from the 1970’s. He’s also currently working as a story artist for Pixar Animation Studios.


Michele Harrell

Michele Harrell graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Anthropology. She’s been a ballet dancer, an archaeologist, a creative designer for kid’s computer games. Recently she finished a screenplay for the “Unmentionables”, the first act of which was adapted as part one of a two part comic book by the same name. She is working as a producer and additional story writer on the film “Tracy” a mocumentary about the life and untimely death of a children’s show host from the 1970’s. She is currently working on another screenplay and a novella about a washed up Vegas showgirl entitled “Showngirl”.


Unmentionables comic part one available online now!

Unmentionables part one is now available online as of July 19th at www.unmentionables.com! Unmentionables is a comic book based on the first act of a screenplay written by Michele Harrell about underwear that's tired of being dumped on.

Being a three year old’s first pair of underwear is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.
After seeing what happed to the diapers that came before him, Tinkle hopes it’ll be somebody else.

Tinkle is a pair of kids super hero under pants designed to look like the cod piece of the famous crime fighter "Tremendous Man".

For more characters and story from Unmentionables part one check out www.unmentionablescomic.com.

Caveat Productions

Hi I'm Dan Scanlon, and this blog is dedicated to Caveat Productions and all things related, including Caveat Films, Caveat Productions Press, and all other made up forms of our make believe company.

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