Saturday, July 29, 2006

Unmentionables Comic at Comic Con

We just got back from Comic Con! 100,000 comic book collectors gathered in one convention center, during five days of record breaking San Diego summer heat, you should have been there!

This was our first Comic Con and our first time putting the Unmentionables comic up for sale. We shared a booth with our good friend Steve Purcell, creator of the comic book, game, and TV show, Sam and Max Freelance Police. Steve was selling a new sketch book called "The Age of S & M" featuring never before published Sam and Max sketches. He was also promoting the long await new episodic Sam and Max online game being developed by Tell Tale Games. ( Steve Purcell bellow drawing a picture for a fan)

The convention is so enormous and over stimulating, with it's many exhibitors barking for your attention, fat guys dressed in skin tight Jedi robes, and giant screen TV's showing ultra violent anime rape porn or whatever the kids like these days, it's amazing we were able to get anyone's attention with our naive lemonade stand, but everyone we talked to really seemed to love the comic!

It's so hard when you're working on something for months or years and you start thinking, why am I doing this again? But when you get a chance to show your work at a place like this and get such a positve response, well it just gets you all pumped up to blow another irresponsible amount of money on the next creative whim.

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Greg said...

Hey Michele, I met you at the Comic-Con. I bought your comic and went back to my brother's booth and read it only to return to tell you how much I loved it, very creative! I will be looking for you next year to see if Grandma gets saved, hahaha.

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