Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Call of the Ocean

In honor of our feature film Tracy being screened today in Michigan, I'm debuting my first project after Tracy right now! It's entitled "Call of the Ocean", It's one minute long, and I think it really shows how I've matured as a filmmaker since Tracy.

Be sure to vote after the video if you fine the film funny or if you'd like it to die.



thomas said...

because I know you, I saw where this was going even before I hit play. I like though how you look like a cross between a Peanuts Character and a socialist worker from Red China.

Caveat Production said...

Yeah. I like a good fart joke. I think my look is hipster/secret service.

Julie said...

hi! my friends and i saw tracy at the ferndale filmfest over the weekend and loved it. i was just wondering if there would be any sort of dvd release because id love to see it again. thanks!

Caveat Production said...

Thanks Julie! I'm really glad you liked the movie. There isn't a DVD available yet as we are just now putting the film out in festivals, but if you check in on this blog over the following year, I'll be sure to update any information about DVD's or places to buy the film online. Thanks again for supporting the film!

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