Friday, September 11, 2009

Sunday Morning Hang Over

Every Sunday morning Michele and I eat breakfast at a different local restaurant, but no matter where we go, we see this guy and his friends at the table next to ours.

You know this guy, he's the "Sunday Morning Hung Over Guy", he has a greasy faux hawk and fat swollen Jimmy Kimmel eyes. He wears his college sweat shirt and eats a giant plate of huevos rancheros. He drinks a large orange juice or a large mimosa, if he's smart.

But sadder than the "Sunday Morning Hung Over Guy" at the table next to ours, is the "Sunday Morning Hung Over Girl" at the table next to them. She shouts at her friends with that thick Minnesota weather lady accent that so many girls under the age of 35 seem to have. Her thong is worn provocatively pulled up over her unwashed sweat pants, and her make up is gone, left behind on the pillows of the "Sunday Morning Hung Over Guy".

Oh,to be young again!

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