Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dog Toy Painting Series

I've started a series of still lives featuring my tiny six pound dog Carol's toys. This is "Long Dog". I've always enjoyed painting small, but I was surprised by how much I liked painting this picture which was a little larger than the others.

Also, I recently figured out the time-lapse function on my new camera, so I've been shooting time-lapse of everything! If you've got 4 minutes, I shot my entire day working on this painting. I like all the moments where I stare at my ipod with no expression on my face, and yes, I'm painting in the bathroom. That's the only room in the apartment where I can control the light.

So glamorous.

Long Dog Painting Time-lapse from Dan Scanlon on Vimeo.


krusty said...

i freakin' love that picture.

Might be a great gift for a couple of puppy nieces :)

also, why is japan a keyword for this post?

Caveat Production said...

Wow, thanks!

I was typing in Japanese Chin and it must have auto filled.

I'm hoping to keep all these paintings together and see if I can show them as part of a set sometime maybe, but I'll hold on to that one for you until then.

thomas said...

I think Japan is a keyword for this post because the Japanese are very fast. That being said, I'm sure another keyword phrase for this post would be "old timey baseball."

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