Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dog Toy Painting Series

I'm trying to keep in practice with my painting, so I'm starting a series of still lives featuring my tiny six pound dog Carol's toys. This is Carol's toy Mr. Toad. While I do these paintings I listen to the Adam Carolla Podcast on my ipod. I highly recommend it, he's funny as hell and it's free for now.

Oh yeah, and Sunday is my Birthday!


Erik Benson said...

I love the adam carolla podcast! Happy Birthday man!

Caveat Production said...

Thanks! I had a great Birthday at the beach!

TheLittleBlackCat said...

Happy Birthday Dan!
The cable car story really made me laugh - I think I could picture your face the whole time well enough to animate it!

Caveat Production said...

Glad it made you laugh!

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