Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tracy DVD Screeners Delievered!

A few days ago we got a run of 50 DVD screeners of our first feature film TRACY delivered to enter in film festivals, give out for promotion, as well as hand out to a select few members of the cast and crew. We also entered our first film festival, the Chicago International Film Festival. We should find out if we got in on September 30th of this year. Also on July 4th we're having our Michigan cast and crew / friends and family screening at the Main Art Theater in Royal oak. We'll keep you informed if we get into any festivals.



Anonymous said...

THERE'S the photo.

Now I believe you.

Caveat Production said...

Yup. When anyone gets something printed themselves there is always a photo like this. Josh told me I should do it and he was right. It's very satisfying to have.

thanks Josh

chambers10 said...

soooooo what if someone in MI wants one?!

Caveat Production said...

Unfortunately I've only got a small run right now, but I'd love for you and your husband to come to the July 4th screening! I'll be sending you an evite soon

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