Saturday, August 21, 2010

MacLon Industries

I spent last weekend in Vegas for my cousin Brian's bachelor party. We dressed up like mid-western salesmen representing a fictional company called MacLon Industries, a combination of both cousins last names MacLean and Scanlon.

I grew a mustache and looked 5 years older, 15 pounds heavier and 20 times more religious.

Here I am on the first night party at Margarettaville. Don't want to go too crazy, we've got a big sales presentation in the morning, not to mention the big convention!

The next day my brother and fellow sales rep for Maclon Inc. and I ate a "Burger King" to get our energy up and then hit the strip.

After the presentation we rewarded the crew with cocktails and sun bathing by the pool.

Here I am networking with some real "out of the box" thinking young salesmen. "I'm sold!"

Met up with the rest of the Maclon Inc. crew later that afternoon. Hide your wallets, this sales crew is on the prowl, and they won't take wholesale for an answer!

Oh snap! This party just got turn up a notch!

Oops, we missed the convection by 6 hours, but we made some real relevant connections. Time to go home and watch "Ocean's 11" on TNT's "Movies for Guys", eat a "Wendy's" and fall asleep in the bathtub!

Maclon Industries - "If you're in business, we're in business."

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chambers10 said...

dan I never get bored with your insane idea's. THIS is the best.

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