Monday, August 02, 2010

This Week's New Yorker Caption Contest

Here is my entry in this weeks New Yorker Caption Contest. Each week they provide the image and you provide the caption.

"Is this lens better or worse?"

Here are the leftovers...

I’m afraid you only have 325 months to live.

It’s going to be malignant.

Oh yeah, there are tiny insects crawling all over your face.

Here are this weeks nominees...

"This is moving too fast for me."
Submitted by Augusta Meill
Jamaica Plain, Mass.

"Would it kill you to ask for directions?"
Submitted by Joel Allen
New York, N.Y.

"Not tonight, Harry, I'm carsick."
Submitted by Suzy Stayman
Wellesley, Mass.

I entered...
"I guess it’s technically a hybrid."

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