Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Ten Best Years of the Last Decade

It's the end of the first decade of the new millennium, and a time for endless top ten lists. Well, I've boiled them down to one of the most important lists of all... The Top Ten Best Years of the Last Decade.

Starting from the bottom...

Number 10 ... "2001"

- A fun year in some ways, but mainly I didn't like the part where the most horrific attack on American soil took place and the whole country fell apart. Zoolander was pretty damn funny though...

Number 9 ... "2006"

- Red Buttons dies...damn you world! Damn YOU!

Number 8 ... "2004"

- A bummer election, a horrible Tsunami, only made worse by an Olympics.

Number 7 ... "2000"

- What can I say, there was a lot of hype that didn't pay off, like the Y2K bug, and the end of the world.

Number 6 ..."2007"

- This year marked the end of celebrities dying of "something" and ushered in the new era of celebrities dying of "something to be determinded in next 5 months".

Number 5 ... "2002"

- I like the "2" at the first part of the the year but the "2" at the end just seems like more of the same.

Number 4 ... "2005"

- Ah, hello? I liked this year better when it was called "2004". Burn!

Number 3 ... "2003"

- This year marked the beginning of a very unpopular war that never should have happened, the Clone War.

Number 02 ... "2008"

Upside, we no longer have to blame everything on George Bush. Downside, We no longer get to blame everything on George Bush.

Number 01... "2009" - I can finally buy Michael Jackson's music without feeling guilty!

Happy New Year everybody, and an eventful next 10 years!

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