Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dog Toy Painting Series

I've started a series of still lives featuring my tiny six pound dog Carol's toys. This painting has a similar composition to the one I did last week. I like pairing up a toy with another of Carol's worldly possessions. I might do one more like this next so that I have a matching set of three.


Daroo said...

Love this series -- glad to see you are painting again.

I like the dramatic lighting in the snowman one (seems to be a theme with you).

Even the one you consider a failure -- the pastel paper did something to your brush strokes that, at least in reproduction, looks kinda cool.

nice work,

Caveat Production said...


I'm glad you like them! I'm looking forward to getting back to it this Saturday. The pastel one looks cooler in the photo, but I still like the painting. Carol's gonna need more toys soon.

Daroo said...

I have a new series idea for you:

Does Fee still have his collection of obscenely small T-shirts with kittens and such on them? You could tack them up to various textured surfaces or juxtapose them with objects for a kind of transmuted portrait.

(Eh... it seemed like a good idea until I typed it out)

Caveat Production said...

These days that shirt would fit Brian and be tight on me.

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