Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Week's New Yorker Caption Contest

Here is my entry in this weeks New Yorker Caption Contest. Each week they provide the image and you provide the caption.

"It is with great sadness that I offer my concession to the incumbent ruler of the forest, Rollo the Bear King."

Here's my one and only very stupid left over...

"I'm a true Washington outsider."

(GET IT! I Can't wait for this election to be finished, I hate topical political humor.)

Speaking of which, here are this weeks nominees...

"Looks like another ye olde stimulus package."
Submitted by John Burke
Park Ridge, Ill.

"Things haven't been the same since we began electing our kings."
Submitted by Jay Mackro
San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

"After seven hundred billion for the nobles, it was the least we could do."
Submitted by Rich Brown
Tampa, Fla.

I entered...

"This is going over much better than the boiling hot water."

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