Friday, October 17, 2008

Hot Amateur Videos!

I've been inspired by my friend Steve Purcell's recent blog series "High School Confidential" which feature some of his sweetly naive, yet strangely charming early artwork, to post some of my high school / college films and videos. It's a little embarrassing how technically amateurish these projects are, but perhaps slightly more embarrassing, how much more creative some of them are than the projects I'm doing now.

I made this short right after finishing a very ambitious two year full color cel animated project. I wanted to make something very quick in response to the other long project. I did this one in two months, on typing paper, with ink and a blue colored pencil and I have to say it came out much better than the two year project, which is an unwatchable, incoherent mess, about Halloween, so needless to say I'll post that one next week!

"On the Front Lawn"

a film by
Dan Scanlon

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