Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hot Amateur Videos!

I've been inspired by my friend Steve Purcell's recent blog series "High School Confidential" which feature some of his sweetly naive, yet strangely charming early artwork, to post some of my high school / college films and videos. It's a little embarrassing how technically amateurish some of these projects are, but perhaps slightly more embarrassing, how much more creative some of them are than the projects I'm doing now.

I made this video at the Columbus College of Art and Design for an assignment called "The Chase". I could only get one friend to help me which was difficult considering it had to be a chase scene. It was made more difficult when my ONE friend injured his knee a few days before the shoot and was confined to crutches, this is what we came up with.

The Chase
Dan Scanlon

My hats off to Steve Geer, who did all that falling down with a crappy knee! That's a true friend.


Thijs... said...

Haha, good stuff.

If the video were listed on IMDB, under "goofs -> continuity" it would state that the "bad leg" of the guy on crutches keeps changing... mirrored video or perhaps some true suffering for the purpose of art?

Caveat Production said...

...or maybe he was faking!

krusty said...

so good.

and your old apartment in the background.

Caveat Production said...

Yup. It's the one that looks like a nursing home.

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