Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Indescribable Nth

My first professional animation job was a short film by Steve (Oscar) Moore, produced by "Character Builders" in Columbus Ohio called "The indescribable Nth".

It's a deceptively simple, beautiful little film about love, and I learned so much from this project. I was a struggling clean up artist finishing my final year in art school in Columbus Ohio when I learned of this project. The film had been on hold for a few years when Steve allowed me to practice my animation skills on a few shots. I had a great time practicing on this film on weekends, and I took as many shots as they'd give me. Because of the work I did on this short "Character Builders" took me off clean up and moved me to animation, and eventually story. I'm pretty certain I would have been fired after a few weeks as a clean up artist if this opportunity hadn't come up.

I left Character Builders and Columbus to try to find work in California, and if Steve hadn't attended a party for Joe Grant, and talked to Joe Ranft I wouldn't have the job I have today, which coincidently I got 9 years ago on Sept 10th.

So please, take a few minutes to check out this beautiful little film...and check out Steve's great online animation magazine called "Flip".

The Indescribable Nth from Steve Moore on Vimeo.


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