Friday, October 23, 2009

Dan's Found Caricature

Every now and then one finds a picture, person, plant or mineral that looks just like oneself. My friends call these Found Caricatures, and for the next few weeks I'll be posting Found Caricatures of myself each Friday. Please let me know when you find them successful, or when you think they’re crap.

I saw a picture of this guy in the paper a few years ago and thought he kind of looked like me with a weird crappy smile on my face. I did some research and found that he was a filmmaker named Troy Duffy, and that the photo was advertising a documentary about his story, a film called "Overnight", which I HIGHLY recommend. It's a great cautionary tale for those planning on getting exactly what they want, and ruining that opportunity by being a giant ragging asshole.


thomas said...

Dude! The ones I sent you are so much better!

Caveat Production said...

These are all scheduled weeks in advanced. I save them up until I get a months worth and then post them. Yours is on the new pile. I agree that it's really good!

thomas said...

I'm just giving you a hard time man, I figured that was the case and oh yeah BABABOOEY

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