Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finishing Tracy

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, but all of my extra time has been devoted to trying to finish up Tracy before the first screening on Friday February 20th. I'm damn close, but man, after 6 years of working on this project, it's the last few weeks that have been the most difficult in a lot of ways. This would probably be a good place for a sports metaphor, if I knew one. The fun, creative stuff is long finished, and now it's all the technical nightmare of wrapping the whole thing up. The last few weeks have been spent hovering over the film ready to suffocate it with a pillow to put both of us out of our misery.

This Sunday night is more or less the drop dead, cut off date to finish the film, and that's what I plan on doing when it's done.

Wish me luck!

* This is me on the set with Brian Fee and a great group of friend's kid's during the Imagination Train Station shoot in September of 2005.


Anonymous said...

Here's a sports metaphor for you. "Walk it off, you pussy!" That's what my sports coaches used to say to me anyway. Good luck Dan, it's late on Sunday, hope you did it. It is, and is going to be awesome.

Caveat Production said...

Thanks Josh,

To answer with a sports metaphor, we're in triple over time. To be honest, it's not looking good. I can't get a full take of the whole movie without glitches. Actually I'm more comfortable with birth metaphors, and this one is coming out Breach. There's a possiblity that the screening will be posponed. Thanks for the good wishes. Will get this bastard out eventually!

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