Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tablecloth Drawings

When I was a kid my favorite part about going to a restaurant was drawing on the paper table setting. I did these today during lunch at Scala's.

Here's the guy I was drawing.

And here's a drawing of Don Rickles. He, unfortunately, was not at Scala's.

Happy New Year from Carol!


mnmears said...

nice job -- especially on Rickles ...

what's the grand plan for your film? ... looking for a bit of Internet press?

Caveat Production said...

Yeah, always! Not much plan yet though. I'm finishing it right now for the 20th screening, and then I'm gonna start entering it in festivals.

But yeah, this is about the time I'd love to start getting some word out.

mnmears said...

let's set something up ... maybe do an e-mail Q&A session or two to post at PixarPlanet/Upcoming Pixar, the Blue Parrot and elsewhere? I like to do them in two session, one background and another focusing on "Tracy."

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