Friday, May 23, 2008

Dan's Found Caricature

Every now and then you find a picture, photo, plant or mineral that looks just like you. I'm going to try to post a new FOUND caricature of myself every Saturday morning for the next few weeks. Please let me know when you find them successful, or when you think they’re crap.

I found this one on the subway heading into the city this afternoon. He's not so much a found caricature as he is just some guy ripping off my look!

Heads up! Don't forget to enter your awesomely funny caption in the "Dan's Fake New Yorker Caption Contest" Below! You still have a few days!

* UPDATE - I'm going to be out of town this Tuesday, so that means the polls are closing on Sunday night instead of Tuesday. I will be voting on the winner and two runners up this Sunday night, and posting it one Tuesday Morning. So for the next few days there is still time to win nothing more or less than my undying respect!

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