Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Last New Yorker Caption Contest

Hey anyone who still looks at this blog, Well this is it for me, after over five years of entering the New Yorker Caption Contest every single week, I'm throwing in the towel. It was a lot of fun, but I'm moving onto crossword puzzles. I'll post two more blog entries with the next two week's nominees that I've already entered, and then I don't think they'll be much going on at this blog, because who has a blog anymore.

So here's my final entry in the New Yorker Caption Contest.

"Alright fine, we'll play!"


No pro clubs in here, this is miniature golf!

Don't touch that, it's a kidney stone.

Trust me, you didn't want to play that where it landed.

You want to hold a beating heart? It's pretty cool. 


Submitted by James L. George, 
Columbus, Ohio

"Do you want it in dog years?"
Submitted by Pat Evans, 
Clinton, N.Y.

"In this clinic, Mr. Kramer, we call it a vasectomy."
Submitted by Laurence K. Marks, 
Highland Park, Ill.

I entered...
"Turn your head and bark."


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