Saturday, July 02, 2011

Sexy Dan Scanlon

For my birthday Michele got me this great painting by story artist Josh Cooley . It's based on a very disturbing Halloween costume idea Michele had. She was tired of every girl dressing up as a "Sexy Nurse", "Sexy School Girl" and "Sexy Big Bird" that she decided next year she wants to dress up as a "Sexy" version of me.

I wear pretty much the same type of clothes every day: baseball cap, plaid western shirt,brown corduroy pants, and black tennis shoes.

So behold the Freudian nightmare that is, this years run away Halloween costume, "Sexy Dan Scanlon".

Josh has a series of "girlie" playing cards done in this same style available by clicking here.

1 comment:

Rain said...

OMG, so awesome! And I had no idea that was who was doing the picture. I've been coveting this print of his forever!

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