Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Tracy" Deleted Scene!

Hey all,

Thought I'd post one of the few deleted scenes from our web-series TRACY this week.

This clip was originally made for the moment in this week's episode (click here to see) where the filmmaker talks about his claymation series called "The Fwebick." I shot this version first and then my wife and producer Michele Scanlon suggested that we do something with a little more action, and we came up with the version that's in the film now. But I still think there is a simple charm to this incredibly boring Fwebicks clip.

By the way I really did make claymation movies about the Fwebicks in the past, but I was 9 years old, instead of 27.

Enjoy, and watch out for Episode 11 of "Tracy" this Thursday night entitled "Renaissance Men".


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