Saturday, April 03, 2010

F.U. Money

What would you do if you had so much money that you could say a big old "F U" to the world? This is what I would do...

We don't own a car at the moment, but if we need one, we rent one from City Car Share. It's like a regular rental car service only all of the cars have a crappy graphic on the side that basically says, "This isn't my car. I rented this, because I can't afford a car".

But when I get my F.U. money I'm going to buy the most expensive, impractical car money can buy and I'm painting that shitty logo on the side. I'll pull up next to people in real City Car Share cars and they'll think, "What?! How did you get that? I thought they only had VW bugs and PT Cruisers!"

But I won't be a total jerk. I will contact City Rental Car and allow them to actually rent my car out for the reasonable price of $2,000 a day, and I will give half of that money to charity and the other half I will spend on this one hat I want.


Erik Benson said...

This post is so damn funny I read it twice and I lol'd both times.

Caveat Production said...

Thanks Erik!

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