Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Five Creepy Things Part 2

Here’s a list of five things that give me the creeps. See if you agree, or add something to the list .

1. Really Tall Old People.

When old people are really tall it makes them so much harder to ignore. They become a giant walking reminder of our painful, inevitable future.

2. Grown Men with Little Hands

I suffer from this one myself. There is something about a tiny baby doll hand at the end of a thick hairy arm that make me think of a poorly replicated M.C. Esher drawing.

3. Fat guys who play guitar.

I know in your mind you’re a rock god shred ’n away on your bitching axe, but to everyone else you’re a giant man delicately tickling what looks more like a flying v ukulele.

4. Classic Cartoon Characters with New Voices

Why does Kermit sound like Kermit’s cousin? Because Kermit’s suppose to be dead, so is Bugs Bunny, and Mickey Mouse. Instead they live on, like ungodly clones waiting to turn evil and kill the people that once loved them.

5. French Rap

The rap music is suppose to be tough, and the French language is suppose to be romantic. Together they are a de-clawed cat trying to disembowel your forearm with it’s harmless baby soft footsies; scary when you really thing about the intention, but cute and ticklish in the execution.


Emma said...

Oh, I've got one. Women who farm and are on the far end of middle age. They LOOK matronly and friendly, but they're tough as nails and I never knew one to laugh ANYTHING off. More likely to run you down in her F-150.

Caveat Production said...

That is a very specific type for sure. Hey I liked your pig drawing on your website! What's that for?

Emma said...

It's for this short film I'm shooting up in Davis around the end of January. Have you got any live-action tips? All nine people involved are inexperienced (except for a couple of improv actresses).

Caveat Production said...

Make sure you record room tone for every scene. Make a list of every thing you need to bring and shoot. Record sound fx or extra foley on the set if you have time. Make sure you have cut aways and close up of random stuff in the room for transitions or to fix mistakes. Can you tell I'm in the post production phase of my film. These are the things I wish I'd done a better job at.

Good for you for doing this and good luck! Can't wait to see it!

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