Sunday, December 26, 2010

this Week's New Yorker Caption Contest

Here is my entry in this weeks New Yorker Caption Contest. Each week they provide the image and you provide the caption.

"This takeover is going to lead to a few personnel changes."

Here are the leftovers...

Gentlemen, there is a rat amongst us.

This year's annual report is in, "Good Dogs."

Alright, which one of you called me a pussy?

We're the reining cats and dogs.

You'll have to speak up.*

* (To get why this is funny see this week's nominees...)

Here are this week's nominees...

"And some fresh flowers for the table."
Submitted by Barbara Milewski
Easton, Pa.

"Separate checks, please."
Submitted by Cecilia Hogan
Tacoma, Wash.

* "You'll have to speak up."
Submitted by Kim Friese
Westlake, Ore.

I entered...

"I'm allergic to peanut sauces, I breakout in hives."

* (Huh, that's weird, it's not funny in either situation. Strange that it was picked as a nominee this week.)

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