Sunday, July 11, 2010

Store Names

I love stores with silly pun names! But they’re not just limited to hair salons, dog watchers, and gay bars anymore. Here are some crappy pun names for fictional store we’d love to invest in...

1. A waxing salon specializing in private areas called…“Not a Hair in the World”

2. A comedy themed hair salon called….“Hair-De-Hair-Hair”

3. A South Pacific clothing wrap store called…“Sarong, So Right”

4. A store specializing in Indian clothing called…“Me so Sari”

5. … and the Canadian outlet …“Me so Sori”

6. A dog watching business called…“Who Made Sure the Dogs Didn’t Get Let Out?”

7. A shoe store for ladies with extra large feet called….“Shoes by the Foot”

8. An upscale tranny bar called…“Ladies and Gentlemen”

9. A store for dead-beat Dads to buy gifts for their off-spring called… “Create and Bail”

10. A cheap Greek restaurant for European tourists called… “Gyro Trash”

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