Sunday, March 07, 2010

This Weeks New Yorker Caption Contest

Here is my entry in this weeks New Yorker Caption Contest. Each week they provide the image and you provide the caption.

"Your mother's rejecting the Estrogen."

Here's the leftovers...

He's devolved quite a bit.

Good news, Robin Williams woke up from his coma.

Here's this week's nominees...

“O.K., counsellor, we heard your argument. Now tell us a story.”
Submitted by Fred Orelove
Richmond, Va.

“Five to four of us would like you to get the lights on your way out.”
Submitted by Robert Shay
Columbia, Mo.

“How long have you been standing there?”
Submitted by Evan Carrison
Chicago, Ill.

I entered...

"The court rests."

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