Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Michele's Birthday in Vegas

This weekend was Michele's Birthday!

We spent it in Vegas with a few good friends. Vegas is great! Well it is at first anyway. Days in Vegas are like crispy creme donuts, the first is great, the second is really good, the third makes you sick.

What I like about Vegas is you can see a 21 year old having the time of their lives next to a 92 years old having the time of their life. It changes with you no matter your age,or interest, and it doesn't ask much of you. Anyway here are some pictures of our Vegas fun!

We spend most of our day drinking by the pool.

Here's Michele at the wax museum with Sean Connery.

Here's me ( left ) with Larry King ( right ).

And here's both of us with Don Rickles *

* ( Funny side story, it was later determined that this was actually the real Don Rickles.)

The rest of the evening is spend in the bars and casinos, followed up by 4 hours of free cable in the hotel, and it's back in bed by 7:30PM.

Looking forward to going back.

Happy Birthday Michele!

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