Friday, August 08, 2008

Principle Photography on TRACY is a Wrap!!!!!!!!

In early May of 2003 my friend Brian Fee and I ventured out to shoot the first image for our first feature film together called TRACY. This is that photograph...

Five years later, I am SO happy, and proud to say that Wednesday night my wife Michele and I filmed the very last live action shot of principle photographer for that same film! This is that final image...

It seems impossible for me to truly appreciate every lesson learned on this film. But I'm so very proud of what Brian, Michele, Tom, Elizabeth, Adrian, Scott, Bernadette, and Alex and so many of my other very talented friends contributed to this project. In two weeks we're having our first test screening. Wish us luck!


mnmears said...


First off, congratulations!

I hope I get a chance to see this sometime ... knowing a bit about the talents involved, I'm sure I'd find it somewhere between mildly and wildly entertaining.

Maybe I can help out with publicity should you decide to enter it in any film festivals.

Let me know.

Caveat Production said...


I'm hoping to enter it in some festivals next year. I'd love to get it shown as many places as I can.

Thanks for the offer to help. Hope I can take you up on that. In the mean time sharing the trailer with your friends would be a great start!


krusty said...


I'm very proud of you.

And you should be proud of me.

I once made a clay rhino that won an award at a 'Parents without Partners' art contest for kids ages 7-9.

The name of that organization sounds so morbid now.

Caveat Production said...


I remember that rhino sort of!

"Parents without Partners" is really depressing now that I think about it. Why not just call it "Parents without Purpose".

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