Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This Week's New Yorker

Here is my entry in this week's New Yorker Caption Contest. Each week they provide the image and you provide the caption.

"No more Sweeney Todd soundtrack for you."

Here are the leftovers...

Online barber school huh Chuck?

He said a "LITTLE" off the top.
Well, he asked for a flat top.

This week's nominations...

"You don't say!"
Submitted by Jon Frye, 
Evanston, Ill.

"Stop me if you've heard this one.
"Submitted by William Rodarmor, 
Berkeley, Calif.

"You're cut out for this job.
"Submitted by Nael Alami, 
Memphis, Tenn.

I entered...

"Anyone ever tell you you look like the Marlboro man?"

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