Friday, August 06, 2010

The Cagennection

The Internet is a Monopoly!

Welcome to the planet's first alternative to the world wide web... Enter.."The Cagennection"!

"The Cagennection" is just as awesome as the "The Internet", but with none of the commercial advertisements, or intellectual properties!

Unlike the internet we don't allow piracy, or copyright infringement! That's right, we only accept 100% public domain music, photos, and written content! Not convinced to switch from the internet to the cage for your online needs? Well here's a taste of what you'll finding "Touring" the "Cage" at this very moment...

Imagine printing out these dynamic images as you download "Mary's a Grand Old Name" on to your itouch, while scrolling through Frank Preston Stearns: Cambridge Sketches!!! The Cage can make it happen!

But that's not all, we also don't allow slander! "The Cage" makes sure that all written criticism, comments, or posts are verified as fact before being published. Oh, and there is no pornography!!!

But enough talk, if you truly want to experience the future of computerized information collection, then be the first to "Engage with the Cage". Hold on to your seats, forget the past, look to the future, ready? SET, ENGAGE THE CAGE!!!!! and click HERE!!!!!

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